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Oct. 30 2012

Holiday Shopping Report: Consumers Want More Social Media Deals

Marketers Have to Find the Balance: Shoppers Increasingly Open to Money-Saving Offers on Social Channels, but Not to Promotional Message Overload

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Oct. 18 2012 Selects Yesmail Interactive to Enhance its Business Solutions

Yesmail Interactive to Provide Golf courses with Real-Time Email Marketing for Course Tee-Times.

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Oct. 11 2012

Yesmail Brings the Power of Forecasting to Email Marketing

Marketers Can Now Predict Long-Term Trends in their Marketing Campaigns and Test Different Scenarios

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Oct. 08 2012

Yesmail Consumer Online Behavior Report: Marketers Failing to Keep Up with Consumer Buying Habits Could Lead to Missed Holiday Revenue

New research shows that the digital and social campaigns of leading brands do not align with consumer online and mobile purchasing preferences and patterns

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Oct. 04 2012

Yesmail Ups the Ante with Enhanced Competitive Intelligence 2.0

Marketers Can Now Customize and Segment Competitive Data from Email and Social Channels and Develop Digital Marketing Insights via Real-time Analytics

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Jun. 25 2012

Yesmail Interactive Study Reveals Marketers Are Missing Out on Key Social and Email Campaign Opportunities

New Research Shows a Significant Disconnect Between when Brands Conduct Campaigns and when They Receive the Most Engagement.

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Feb. 29 2012

Yesmail Interactive Announces Partnership with Leading Consumer Destination, Saveology

Yesmail Leverages Its Leading E-Mail Capabilities Through Sophisticated Targeting Initiative - Offering Millions of Customers Cost Savings

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Feb. 21 2012

Yesmail Interactive Expands Leadership Team to Support Growing Business

New expertise positions Yesmail for long-term success

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Feb. 14 2012

Yesmail Interactive Launches Yesmail Market Intelligence: A Powerful Competitive Market and Digital Content Intelligence Solution

New offering gives a centralized view of all competitive digital channel deployments with ready-to-use insights and analytics

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Jan. 31 2012

Yesmail Interactive Releases "Look Book" as a Result of Receiving Two Prestigious Industry Awards

New design resource showcases the industry expertise of creative team at Yesmail.

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