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Jun. 18 2014

Yesmail Launches Social Attribution Intelligence

Track subscriber behavior and the resulting revenue attribution of social shared email campaigns.

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Jun. 17 2014

Yes Lifecycle Marketing Creative Agency Services Honored with Recent Awards

Wins Highlight Market’s Response to Use of Mobile-Ready Layouts

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Jun. 11 2014

Yesmail Launches Engagement Analyzer

Giving Marketers a Comprehensive View of Customer Engagement Defined by Email Activity, as well as Purchase Behavior

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Jun. 10 2014
Jun. 05 2014

Mother’s Day Analysis Sheds Light on Best Time for Brands to Send Father’s Day Emails

Yesmail Interactive Finds that 44 Percent of Marketers Wait Too Long to Send Themed Promotional Messages; Email Open Rates Drop As the Holiday Approaches

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May. 14 2014

Yesmail Study: Only 1 Percent of Marketers Always Send Responsive Design Emails

Despite Better Click-to-Open Rates on Mobile Devices, Few Marketers Consistently Embrace Responsive Email Design for the Small Screen

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Apr. 16 2014

Yesmail Launches Market Intelligence Predefined Report Templates

Easy-to-Use Reports that Identify Gaps in Digital Competitor Campaigns.

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Apr. 02 2014

Study: Retailers Shifting Biggest Share of Budgets to Mobile Marketing

Only Half of Retailers Expect Brick-and-Mortar Stores to be the Top Marketing Budget Priority by 2018

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Mar. 19 2014

Yesmail Launches Distributed Email Template Manager

Gives brands the ability to manage communications at a corporate level, while allowing autonomy at a local level

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Feb. 26 2014

Yes Lifecycle Marketing Study: Half of Consumers Now Read Emails Only on Mobile Devices

Report from Yes Lifecycle Marketing reveals that e-commerce on mobile is growing at a faster rate than desktop e-commerce.

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