Why Yes Lifecycle Marketing?

Yes Lifecycle Marketing brings to market a ground-breaking approach to technology and services that holistically aligns email and digital marketing services, data and database marketing services, with data, analysis, strategy, and creative to accommodate today’s multichannel marketer.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing stands apart in a crowded and confusing market place of direct and digital marketing services.  Through the following supporting disciplines, we enable marketers to harness the value of the customer, while orchestrating communications across all on and offline channels. 

  • Yes Agency Services
    Combines analysis and insights with strategy and creative services across all customer communication touch-points.
  • Yesmail Interactive
    Provides a world-class email platform with unmatched delivery services and exceptional client services teams who seamlessly set-up, manage and operate campaigns.
  • Yes Data and Technology Services
    Encompasses Infogroup’s comprehensive data assets, data management services, and also our Marketzone database solutions.  

This full-service offering will provide marketers with an integrated and optimized approach for delivering relevant marketing messages from a single vendor.

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