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Reactivation campaigns: Your toolkit to winning back the dreaded inactive customer

Gurjit Sandhu Marketing Specialist

A typical retailer subscriber base has anywhere between 40-70% inactive subscribers. Continuously mailing to this inactive segment or completely ignoring it could weaken your overall conversion rates and lead to significant deliverability issues. Marketers can effectively combat inactivity and bring back those disengaged customers by implementing reactivation campaigns."


Introduction to Mobile Wallet

Kristin Pirazzini Director, Digital Products

As digital channels rise, change, and get adopted by marketers, Yes Lifecycle Marketing wants to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s new and what works. One of the unique up-and-coming digital channels that can prove extremely effective for marketers is Mobile Wallet.


The Building Blocks of Inboxing

Ivy Shtereva VP, Marketing

Email volume has grown by 9% in the last year, while unique click rate has dropped by 14%. The higher email volume and lower email engagement have led to a consistent inboxing challenge for most marketers. At the end, it’s simple: the more you send, the smarter you need to be about how, to whom, and from where you send your mailings. A good way to do that is to implement best practices for optimal inboxing.”


Choosing the Right Email Frequency

Kris Sakaluk Analyst, Intelligence Products

Having the right email frequency strategy can mean the difference between email recipients making a purchase rather than unsubscribing from any future communication."


GDPR – A quick guide for marketers

Marc Shull SVP Social & Disruptive Marketing Strategies

The GDPR legislation is just around the corner. Marketers still have time to learn about GDPR and make the necessary changes before the law comes into effect, but they need to start down that path soon."  


Personalizing customers in-store experience

Sal Pecoraro VP, Marketing Technology and Support

Marketers need to work to extend the data and analytics they are collecting and using to the store associates. This can be done through a clienteling solution.


How to implement personas into your CRM strategy

Lynne Bolen VP, Strategy and Insights

Personas drive customer experience design and help you make the right channel investment. They enhance and support the marketers ability to effectively tailor communications.


Making Testing Purposeful through a Learning Agenda

Marie Honme Senior Strategist

While we have plenty of conversations around testing, not enough marketers take a holistic approach to the idea of learning through testing. Too often we get caught up in a cycle of testing for testing’s-sake and lose sight of the big picture." 


SMS Programs: Making the Most of Multichannel Marketing

Amy McNeil Sr. Account Manager

When used in combination with email, push, and social communications, SMS can greatly enhance a brand’s marketing program and help deliver an integrated cross-channel customer experience with a focus on conversion."


Growing Brand Loyalty and a Subscriber Base through Social Media Marketing

Jason Warnock VP, Intelligence Products

Marketers can inspire (and incentivize) customers to become brand advocates while building and strengthening their relationship through social media.