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Our client services organization is all-in-1; it provides our clients with a true partnership, becomes a natural extension of their marketing team, and delivers unparalleled digital channel expertise. From best-of-breed strategies and technology recommendations, through custom engineering and 24-hour support, we strive to help you reach the fullest potential of your marketing programs through our technology and expertise.  We’re always there to ensure fluid operations, innovative solutions, and ever-increasing ROI.



Sue Zabran
VP, Production

Our energetic, innovative and motivated employees create such an invigorating environment that coming into the office every day never truly feels like "work". Everyone is passionate about their roles and this dedication provides continuous success for our clients' marketing programs." 

Our Client Services Team Stands Apart with

Dedicated Account Management

that is there every step of the way

Value-Based Approach

that ensures you reach your program objectives

Marketing Expertise

that drives strategy recommendations

Tech-Savvy Support

that offers innovative solutions to grow your program through technology

Blast off with client service

Launch & Training

First off, thank you for picking us as your partner! We’re dedicated to making the migration process as painless as possible from day 1 through our disciplined launch approach. It grants access to Yesmail360i and enables you to start mailing in weeks rather than months. The launch process includes hands-on training culminating in your first deployment, full-on migration of your program down to the smallest detail, and deliverability assistance in warming up your new IPs and establishing a strong sender reputation.


Dedicated account management and client services team

Account Management

Our dedicated Account Management team is there every step of the way because your success is our success.  The account managers and directors advise you on how to best leverage the Yesmail360i platform and industry best practices to meet your marketing objectives. They immerse themselves in your business and provide the guidance required to make your digital marketing programs a success.  


Channel Strategy

From the first day we came on board, their dedicated team has gone above and beyond to make the transition seamless and push our program to new heights. The strategic guidance, relentless account management, and flawless execution are but a few of the benefits we’ve reaped through our partnership with Yes Lifecycle Marketing."

Digital production team


Our Production team offers a wide variety of digital channel production services ranging from ad-hoc project work and client process collaboration, to full outsourcing of a client’s campaign production process. We boast three complementary core disciplines that ensure a seamless campaign setup and deployment process: Web Production, Quality Assurance, and Message Management. 


Custom engineering team

Custom Engineering

Your dedicated client engineering team partners with you to understand, integrate, and utilize your data to maximize the performance of your marketing programs.  We’ll develop a custom solution that works with your unique set of data and helps launch your campaigns quickly, run them efficiently, and make them customer-centric. Your marketing efficiency is our priority.


24/7 Technical Support


Our dedicated Technical Support team is your 24/7 resource for assistance with any questions, best practices, and monitoring for the Yesmail360i application. Our highly skilled technology experts collaborate directly with the Product and Account Management teams to streamline support and ensure that every inquiry is addressed in a timely manner.


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