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Yesmail360i - Cross-Channel Marketing Platform


Cross-channel marketing platforms allow marketers to plan, create and deploy all customer touchpoints from a single platform rather than managing multiple solutions with limited capabilities. Instead of single-channel marketing, brands can now collect, manage and analyze all their customer data in the same environment they use to define and target audience segments, build and deploy cross-channel campaigns and measure marketing program performance.

Yesmail360i is a revolutionary cross-channel marketing communications platform which brings together real-time technology, data, actionable analytics, and campaign planning and execution that enables marketers to optimize their insights-driven marketing communications to drive results and revenue.

We were recently featured as one of the 20 Most Promising CRM Solutions Providers in 2017 by the CIO Review. Take a look at our top features below.


Key Benefits

Actionable, Train-of-Thought Analysis

With Yesmail360i, every audience, filter and report count (or their visual representation in a chart/graph) is available to the user to be easily repurposed as a segment definition that can be used for further filtering, segmentation, analysis or execution, in any channel.

Consistent View of the Customer

Yesmail360i’s standard framework integrates outbound messaging and channel response data from email, web, SMS, display, social, in-store, and direct mail along with demographic, location, behavioral, attitudinal, and interest data to provide a robust single, consistent view of the customer.

Real-Time Speed

Users never wait more than few seconds for any query, including creating targets or running reports. Yesmail360i sets an unprecedented industry standard on speed by processing millions of rows of data per second so clients can turn insights into action. Marketers are far more nimble in operating their programs and can focus on optimizing strategies rather than just sending campaigns out the door.

Highly Intuitive Interface

The Yesmail360i interface provides an action-focused, configurable, intuitive user experience with all engagement data and metrics at your fingertips, without switching platforms. Marketers can create attributes and build reports without an engineer so users have the power and flexibility to get the answers they need quickly.

Kara Alvarez
VP, Product Management

My favorite part of working with clients is turning data into insights that drive new marketing programs. There is an immense amount of useful data that can solve business challenges and drive greater ROI.” 

Key Features

  • Campaign Planning for Cross-Channel Marketing


    From a single screen and in real time, create a cross-channel map of the customer journey, complete with the ability to select different creatives for each path and run integrated tests for each channel.

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  • Advanced Segmentation for Cross-Channel Marketing


    House, visualize, and transform extensive cross-channel customer data in Yesmail360i and build audience segments with millions of counts, via a simple drag-and-drop functionality.

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  • Actionable Analytics for Cross-Channel Marketing


    Explore the composition of your customer base and identify the audience components that you want to test and convert by creating a visual representation of any customer data point available in your database.

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  • In-Depth Reporting for Cross-Channel Marketing


    Instantly generate sophisticated reports for each marketing channel including customer history reports, social media campaign performance reports, SMS and push campaign read reports and many more.

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