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Marketing has evolved into a cross-channel, all-encompassing experience with the customer at its core. Savvy marketers are now using behavioral and demographic data to create this customer-centric experience, reduce attrition, and increase purchase rates. But many marketers are still struggling to collect, validate, and analyze the data that can help them build the foundations of their cross-channel marketing strategy.

In order to circumvent this significant challenge, marketers should implement data solutions that include: data hygiene, customer data acquisition, and data enhancement. Utilizing this framework will allow marketers to become more data-driven, get to know their audience better, and deliver an experience, informed by their customers’ composition and preferences.

At Yes Lifecycle Marketing, we are experts in data solutions and master data management (MDM).


Key Benefits

Increase Conversion

Marketers that use data-driven strategies are more likely to convert customers.  Our clients get instant access to ready-to-use consumer behavioral and demographic attributes to create more powerful and relevant messages.

Acquire New Customers

Marketers struggle to find and acquire new customers. But, what if you could amplify the reach of your campaigns by utilizing your current subscribers’ social networks?  Our Customer Generator tool allows you to do just that – while simultaneously capturing subscriber and purchase data for channel attribution.

Improve Deliverability

Prior to deploying email campaigns you need to ensure your email file is clean; after all, if your message doesn’t reach the inbox, it won't get opened or generate revenue. This is why regular list hygiene is imperative for the effectiveness and ROI of your campaigns.

Reduce Customer Attrition

The struggle is real; customer attrition is a challenge for all marketers. Our data, tools, and services mitigate the risk associated with customer attrition by improving message relevance and data accuracy in your marketing campaigns.

Data Framework

  • Data hygiene


    Clean data is paramount to success. Without it, your your email or direct mail campaigns won’t reach or convert your audience. With data hygiene, you can improve your marketing ROI and increase revenue. 

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  • Data enhancement


    Today, you need more than a first name and an email; utilize a number of behavioral, attitudinal, and demographic attributed to create relevant and targeted communications.

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  • Data acquisition


    Finding new subscribers without spamming is a tricky art. Luckily, we have innovative tools that will allow you to have your current subscriber list do the leg work and sell for you.

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To learn more about the importance of data hygiene, its impact on marketing performance, and easy-to-implement best practices, check out our blog post - Clean Data Boosts Marketing ROI."

- Anshul, Sr. Analyst, Intelligence Products

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