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The Yesmail360i platform enables brands to develop and implement lifecycle email marketing programs designed to engage your audience, successfully move them along each lifecycle stage, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

You Will Effectively:


Email response rates with better targeting and event triggers from a variety of different channels spanning social media, display, SMS, push, web, and email, and all stored and managed in-platform.


Optimal inboxing rate for each email campaign and protect email sender reputation while consistently reaching the right audience with the right message and at the right time.


A holistic campaign plan that guides your customers through each stage of their lifecycle journey, caters to each audience segment, and consistently delivers relevant and engaging communications.


Different email components across a variety of audience segments to identify areas of opportunity. From subject line and email images, to offer type and 'sticky' content blocks, the right formula, when tested, will yield the best-performing email campaign.


Testing and campaign deployment to ensure efficient email marketing process, decrease the margin of error, and drive optimal results from your cross-channel marketing efforts.


Campaign performance across campaign variations, program types, and marketing channels to ensure consistent engagement and optimal conversion.

Key Email Functionalities:

  • Targeting for enterprise email marketing campaigns


    In seconds, create complex targeting for your email campaigns, using any data point at your disposal, across any combination of marketing channels.

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  • A/B and multivariate testing


    Make basic A/B testing and sophisticated multivariate tests effortless by incorporating them into the customer jorney at the campaign planning stage.

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  • Dynamic email content


    Use Yesmail360i’s email content management capabilities to easily and efficiently find, organize, and integrate dynamic content blocks into your campaigns.

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  • Triggered enterprise email marketing campaigns


    Develop, execute, and automate complex email triggers driven by cross-channel data spanning web, purchase, social, weather, sports, display, and more.

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  • Email campaign reporting and analytics


    Enhance your customer connections with in-platform access to complex analysis, business intelligence, and benchmarking.

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  • Measure inboxing and email rendering


    Accurately measure email inboxing and email rendering and partner with a dedicated deliverability expert to proactively develop deliverability strategies through a partnership.

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