Mobile Marketing

Over 90% of Americans own a cell phone and almost two-thirds own a smartphone. Needless to say, consumers are inseparable from their hand-held devices so it’s imperative for marketers to optimize their digital campaigns for mobile and use new technology to cater to the needs of the on-the-go consumer.

Capitalize on Mobile Through

Instant engagement with mobile marketing


Text messaging is particularly effective in driving high response rates due to its significant reach and the instant engagement it generates for smartphones and non-smart cell phones alike. By integrating SMS into their marketing strategy, marketers can quickly execute versatile mobile marketing campaigns and reach prospects at the right place and at the right time while guaranteeing a near-perfect open rate for their message. 


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Mobile marketing with push notifications


Every consumer’s smartphone can become an effective and accessible marketing tool with the right strategy and technology. Push campaigns via mobile apps are a great way to leverage the ‘anytime, anywhere’ aspect of the smartphone and deliver communications, tailored to consumers’ actions or surroundings. Yesmail360i’s functionality enables marketers to create, test, and deploy push campaigns from a single screen and concurrently with other channels. 


Responsive design for mobile marketing

Responsive Design

Responsive emails generate 55% higher mobile Click-to-Open rate (CTO) and 23% higher desktop CTO than non-responsive ones, which makes it a key determinant of consumer engagement. Our creative group, which makes up the longest-running in-house email design team, knows this better than anyone. Their decades of experience and multiple industry awards on their compact, mobile-first campaigns speak volumes.


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Mobile wallet for mobile marketing.

Mobile Wallet

The smartphone is a consumer’s Swiss army knife – it’s a camera, a GPS, a search engine, a video viewer, a newspaper, and so much more. Perhaps most importantly for marketers, it’s also a wallet. Yesmail360i can send 1 to 1 email communications with personalized content in a customer's mobile wallet. It can also deploy one-time, permission-free SMS messages prompting consumers to download the Mobile Wallet app thus making single-click conversion a reality. Talk to us about the results we’ve generated for our clients!


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