Social Marketing Campaigns

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Yesmail360i has unique social capabilities, integrated right into the platform. From campaign deployment on Twitter and Facebook to digital competitive intelligence and subscriber acquisition through social channels, Yesmail360i provides the full suite of social media functionalities to elevate your social game.

Social marketing campaigns

Social Campaigns

Yesmail360i delivers optimized email messages to the socially connected, on-the-go consumer by providing a single platform for email and social media marketing campaigns, complete with detailed social media and email success metrics to assess how cross-channel campaigns are performing and identify areas of improvement.


Social competitive intelligence

Social and Digital Channel Competitive Intelligence

Yesmail360i integrates with our proprietary Market Intelligence tool which provides an unparalleled opportunity for marketers to outperform their competitors by tracking their campaign performance across EIGHT major digital channels: Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Display Ad Networks, and Web.


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Attract new subscribers through social marketing

Subscriber Acquisition through Social

Yesmail360i’s integration with our proprietary Customer Generator tool allows marketers to have their customers sell on their behalf via a variety of social networks. By sharing a brand’s email campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, existing subscribers enable marketers to reach previously unaware and unengaged audiences thus amplifying the exposure of their campaigns and growing their database.


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